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Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we are still able to offer a contact-free repair and sales service to our customers who need us. We have contact-free drop-off and pick-up facilities using our Collect-IT Lockers service, or if you'd rather we can pick-up and return from your doorstep. Our shop and in-home repair service is temporarily suspended, along with opening hours temporarily being Mon-Fri 9am until 5pm only.        PLEASE RING TO PRE-BOOK A REPAIR BEFORE ARRIVING.




Whether you’re looking to protect your holiday photos, or you need to safeguard your customer database, we have both on-line and off-line backup solution to help you keep your data safe….


We’re able to offer a backup solution for most scenario’s; on-line backup which is run using an Attix5 backup framework, or an off-line solution provided by Macrium backup software. What’s more, if you choose any of our backup systems then we can set it all up for you, making sure you have a fully working, correctly configured automated backup solution.




Whether it be backing up your home computer, or backing up your companies server – our on-line backup platform makes sure your data is safely backed up to ‘The Cloud’, or put simply, a number of expensive servers in data centres located in the UK.


Backups can be set to take place manually or automatically, made flexible by he fact multiple backups can be run at varying times at any point, and it doesn’t require you to do anything. It’s a ‘true set it and forget it’ solution.


With prices being between 35p – 65p per Gigabyte, it’s a cost effective system which even the smallest business or home user can afford, making sure their essential data is kept safe!


What’s more, the system offers;

  • Advanced Security Protection To Keep Your Data Safe From Prying Eyes

    256 bit Enhanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol and SSL are used on all backup accounts. This is applied before the data even begins to be uploaded from your computer – to stop it from being intercepted during transit over the Internet – and is also stored on our servers using the same encryption. The only way the data can be accessed and decrypted is using your unique security details.

  • Easy Restore Of Your Data

    Attix5 and the backup client (ClunkClick) work hand in hand to make sure that your data can be restored quickly and easily, should it ever need to be. Either full backup sets or partial backup sets can be restored, including just individual files. HFC Systems are proud to have their own onsite ‘mirror’ server, meaning that should data need to be restored from your account, with your permission, we’re able to get your data saved directly to a DVD, External Hard Disk or new PC within minutes, meaning you can be up and running again almost immediately if you’re within the North East of England.

    Very few other cloud based systems are able to offer such speedy recovery in a disaster.

  • Monitored By The Experts

    If for any reason there’s a problem preventing your backups from completing successfully, it’s not up to you to notice it. Our backup client software sends us information of any errors or issues with accounts and should we be notified of one on your account, we’ll be straight in touch to sort the problem. Think of us as you’re guardian angel!

  • Up To 60 Day Backup Snapshot Recovery

    Our platform is set up to hold up to 60 days worth of snapshots of your backup account. What does that mean? It means that if you don’t realise something’s happened to a file (such as yu accidentally deleted it from your laptop), then you’re able to recover it from a backup done up to 60 days ago. It also means should you need to see a file how it was on a certain date (within the 60 day threshold), you can! It doesn’t need a genius to access this feature either…it’s all easily accessible from the backup client on your computer.

  • Data Compression To Help Things Along A Little

    We know not everyone is on super fast Internet connections. That’s why our clever backup client compresses all data before it uploads it to our servers, minimising both the amount of bandwidth being used and also shortening the time it takes to backup. It also speeds up recovering your data too as its essentially downloading less data.

    Data remains compressed when it hits our servers, meaning that we can usually squeeze on average an extra 10% of data into your backup account than its using on your hard drive – clever, right?


  • Easily Upgrade Your Storage Quota

    When you’re getting close to filling your backup quota there’s no need to panic. We’ll simply get in touch with you and check how much additional space you’d like adding to the account. We can increase the quota in blocks of 5GB’s and that increase will simply be added to your monthly invoice. Nothing needs to be changed on your computer, so you don’t have to do anything other than say how much extra space you require.

  • Backup Anywhere, Anytime!

    As our system does not backup to an external hard disk on NAS server, it means you do t need to be at home or at work to be able to do a backup – you can be anywhere, as long as you’re connected to the Internet, the same goes for recovery too – install the backup client on any computer anywhere in the world, input your security details and you can restore your data onto that computer.

  • Meets ISO and PCI DSS Compliancy

    If you’re business is working to meet ISO quality standards or need to implement a Green solution then you’ll be pleased to hear we have it all covered. Not only that, but we’re Registered Data Controllers (listed on the Data Protection Act Register) and the UK Data Centre we use is an EU Code Of Conduct member too. Want to see the full list? Scroll to the bottom of this page and view the ‘Online Backup Integrity Background’ PDF.



We’re a Macrium Authorised Reseller, allowing us to offer our customers one of the most reliable, configurable backup packages allowing automated backup to external hard disks, different computers or full Server OS images. Macrium Software started in 2007, growing organically to be a significant force in the PC backup and disaster recovery market. Their small and dedicated team of developers are proud of their reputation and increasing number of users. Their reputation is built on an obsession for perfection and customer satisfaction and they are not satisfied until their users are satisfied.


Macrium offer solutions for both home and business users, all offering a host of benefits such as these below;

  • Live Imaging With Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service

    No need to shut down Windows to create a complete disk image of your PC.

  • Simple Step By Step Operation

    Image and Restore using intuitive wizards and interfaces.

  • Restore To New Hardware

    Includes Macrium ReDeploy™ to move Windows to a new or virtual PC.

    Includes Windows Server!

  • Scripting

    Advanced users can use the VBScript scripting language for complex backup scenarios.

  • Restore Individual Files And Folders

    Create a ‘Virtual’ drive in Windows Explorer and recover selected files and directories using simple copy and paste operations.

  • Optimize

    You can create full, differential or incremental images to optimize backup speed and disk space requirements.

  • Windows PE Recovery Environment

    Includes the latest Microsoft Windows Recovery Environment for maximum hardware compatibility and effortless restore.

Want to know more? Give us a call today to arrange for one of our Backup Specialists to discuss your requirements.


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