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Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we are still able to offer a contact-free repair and sales service to our customers who need us. We have contact-free drop-off and pick-up facilities using our Collect-IT Lockers service, or if you'd rather we can pick-up and return from your doorstep. Our shop and in-home repair service is temporarily suspended, along with opening hours temporarily being Mon-Fri 9am until 5pm only.        PLEASE RING TO PRE-BOOK A REPAIR BEFORE ARRIVING.




You’d secure your house as it contains all of your valuables, so make sure you valuable data stored on your computer is secure – you need an Internet Security Suite.


A Firewall is like a door-man for your computer – it says what can and can’t come in and out of your computer. Something managed to slip through the net; don’t worry – the Anti-Virus software will help disinfect the threat and keep your computer up and running.


With a lot of “free” Anti-Virus products on the market – aimed at Home Users only – we constantly see them appearing on peoples computers. Whilst they may be better than no protection at all, they only offer a very basic level of protection…in fact, a protection level well below what is sufficient for anyone carrying out online purchases, online banking or any other day-to-day tasks which are of interest to Identity thieves.


With that in mind, we use and recommend ESET Anti Virus Protection products.


Set up in 1992, Slovakian Internet Security firm ESET released what was soon to become one of the top computer security products on the market. With speed, ease of use and low resource usage being top of the design spec, coupled alongside their unrivalled technical knowledge of virus infections, hacking exploits and generic security risks, ESET’s NOD32 products have been used by corporate organisations such as Microsoft’s Labs, MI6, NHS, Government Departments and Police Forces around the country – some of the 100 million users currently protected by ESET’s protection.


ESET Anti Virus Protection currently offer both Home and Business products, all priced with value for money in mind, making sure it doesn’t cost a fortune to keep yourself and your family protected.


Unlike other AV companies, when your subscription is due for renewal (yearly), the price actually gets lower. We hear too often how most of the other AV companies hike their renewal prices once they’ve reeled you in with a lower price, yet each year the level of protection tends to be no better than the last.


We’re an Official ESET Partner, meaning we can do everything from making sure you’re using the right product for your needs, through to dealing with technical support and dealing with your yearly renewals. Our staff have been trained by ESET themselves, and have a wealth of product knowledge.





Let’s have a quick breakdown as to what their products offer;


  • Home & Business Protection
  • Single Machine and Multi-User licenses
  • Further discounts for multi-year subscriptions
  • Lower cost renewal fees
  • Top rated protection software (Independent Tests)
  • One of the quickest AV scanners around
  • Advanced Heuiristics (unknown threat detection)
  • Offers Gaming modes (no-disruption mode)
  • Set-it-and-forget-it configuration as standard
  • Business Endpoint packages offer Remote Administrator
  • Updated 3-4 times daily!
  • and much, much more!…


It’s easy to see why we would recommend ESET protection to our customers. What’s more, we don’t just recommend it – we use it ourselves both to protect our own computers, and also to help with Virus Removal on customer’s computers – we believe in using a product we recommend!


Want a demo? Just pop in and see ESET protection in action on any of our computer!


Pop in and we can talk you through the different packages and prices

Ring 01642 712393 to arrange for one of our Team to pop out and secure your computers..

Ring 01642 712393 and we can remotely install ESET on your computers for you.

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